Pay Membership Dues For 2023

You can now pay your membership dues online.

Please select only one of the following:

Active Members are nurseries, garden centers, or landscape businesses in Tennessee.

Active Dues only $200

Active Dues + East TN Chapter Dues $250

Active Dues + Silver Member Sponsor $400

Active Dues + East TN Chapter Dues and Silver Sponsor $450

Active Dues + Gold Sponsor $500

Active Dues + East TN Chapter Dues and Gold Sponsor $550


Associate Members are companies that are outside the state of Tennessee and/or a company that supplies goods or services to TNLA members.  If you are not sure if you are an active or associate member, look at your dues statement your category should be marked.

Associate Membership Dues $150

Associate Membership Dues + ETNLA Dues $200

Associate Membership Dues + Silver Sponsor $350

Associate Membership + ETNLA + Silver Sponsor $400

Associate Membership + Gold Sponsor $450

Associate Membership + ETNLA + Gold Sponsor $500


Affiliate members are researchers or teachers of horticulture

Affiliate Membership Dues $45

Affiliate Membership + ETNLA Dues $70

Student Membership Dues $25

Student Membership Dues +ETNA Dues $40


You can also make a donation to the following:

TNLA Memorial Scholarship Fund

Horticultural Research Institute

High School Horticulture Fund

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